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Turku Finland - August 1. - 11. 2019


City of Turku

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The Turku Castle
Turku Cathedral and Aura River
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  Aura River   Aura River
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Peltola alotment garden   Kuhankuono hiking routes

The Castle and Cathedral are the two poles of historic Turku, between which just about every important site in the city can be found.
The City of Turku came into existence at Koroinen, a few kilometres from the Turku market square. Trading took place on this historic site as early as in the 1150's, and in 1229, the bishopric was transferred there as well. The year 1229 is also regarded as the year in which the City of Turku was founded.

It all began on the Aura river

Do you know how to recognise a European city dating from the Middle Ages? A riverfront, market square, castle and cathedral, just to name a few. Sounds familiar – in fact, it sounds just like Turku. Turku is not only the one city in Finland that meets the above description, it is also a destination filled with events and things to do, not to mention the European Capital of Culture for 2011.

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