Lions Youth Camp The Baltic Sea - Enjoy Unique Archipelago

Turku Finland - August 1. - 11. 2019


The aim of the camp is to get young people together from different countries and to offer them a possibility to have international fellowship and to increase international understanding. To make the event successful, every camper is required to follow the rules of the camp.
          1. All campers are required to complete the entire program of the camp and to stay at the camp during the camp between 1st of August and 11th of August 2019. In case you need to leave the camp program, you have to ask permission from the camp organization.
          2. All campers are to respect different ethical, religious and political convictions of other people. Everyone should have a helpful, positive and friendly attitude towards each other.
          3. All campers participate actively in the camp program activities.
          4. The accommodation at the camp is organized in rooms of two (2) people, and the rooms are separated to girls and boys. It is not allowed to stay overnight in someone else's room and it is not allowed to make noise during the night time in the accommodation rooms.
          5. During the camp time it is forbidden to use or have in possession any alcoholic beverages or drugs. This camp is also non-smoking. Smoking in public buildings is forbidden by law in Finland.
          6. The camp organizers have no possibility to compensate and have no possibility to be responsible for any loss in the case of theft of any valuables or money. It is not recommended to take valuable articles or unnecessarily large sums of money with you.
          7. It is forbidden to ask or accept any transportation from unauthorized people. It is not allowed to drive any motor vehicle.
          8. A camper who will not accept these rules or will not follow them can be removed from the camp and he/she will have to pay the expenses for travelling home.


If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask the staff.