Lions Youth Camp The Baltic Sea - Enjoy Unique Archipelago

Turku Finland - August 1. - 11. 2019


The basics about the camp




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Lions Youth Camp The Baltic Sea - Enjoy Unique Archipelago

Camp Dates:

   August 1 - August 11, 2019
 Age Limit:    17 - 21
 Camp   Capacity    30 campers
 Language:    English
 Camp Fees:    No

The Baltic Sea and Unique Archipelago. We will save our nature also to our children and young people. At the camp we will enjoy the unique clean sea, nature and wild forest. You may go fishing, picking berries and swim in natural waters and of course bathe in a Finnish Sauna! Together we shall make memories for the rest of our lives! Welcome to get unforgettable memories and
new friends around the world! Come and experience Finland from different angles.

Country presentations:   Campers from the same country will do a presentation together. You can prepare something on your own and there will be time for combining your presentations during the camp. If you are the only camper from your country, you will do the presentation on your own.
If you want, you can bring something from your home country for some extra demonstration. In case you want to use a computer, please bring the presentation on a USB flash drive and please use Microsoft Office. The length of your presentation can be max. 5 minutes.
Be creative!
You need:  
  • a certificate of insurance (liability and health insurance) in English
  • if you have drugs, a prescription and a medical certificate in English
  • good walking shoes, trainers
  • a swimsuit
  • sportswear
  • to prepare for rain - we are going to be outside regardless of the weather
  • something from your country for the country presentation (no alcohol)